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Upon noticing the arrival of familiar faces and some unknown individuals, the aristocrat’s stance remained still at its current position.



     ”Who said I was visiting you! What if I got lost, huh?” she snapped back easily, placing her hands on her hips in irritation.

"…" He stood firmly, unaffected by such comeback from the pigtailed individual. "I didn’t imply such action, but being lost is much more sensible." The noble added.

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Rukia wasn’t sure if her dilemma was something to “worry” about, perhaps she only wanted to reassure herself that her brother was fully recovered since the last time she had sensed his reiatsu dissipate. An anxious sister to know if her family was in well state could not harm anyone.. or could it? “No —”

Savoring the small saliva along the paled lip, she inhaled a very soft inaudible breath, within a second of two the worried Kuchiki had retaken the unfinished sentence. “ No, Nii-sama. I’m only wanting to know if everything is alright.”

His lips made the slightest partition as the petite shinigami ended her statement. 

"Everything is alright." As he uttered these words, it seemed as though Byakuya made an almost visible nod towards his sister. His orbs remained calm, yet held a tinge of reassurance as they made contact with the neighboring pair.

Rukia’s concern was as expected by the Kuchiki lord himself, although he had the same thoughts of her recovery as well.

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"Must you choose my abode as your destination?" The aristocrat questioned the young fullbringer with utmost apathy.